The Healthiest Treats For Your Furry Pals! Find Out Why Bully Sticks Are Their Favorite


Many dog owners love to spend time training their dogs. Dogs can easily learn obedience skills, cool tricks or to overcome fears.

Owners then want to reward the dog for its efforts. Although methods such as caresses work too, the positive reinforcement method dogs love the most is the treats.

What are the recommended treats for training? We’ve got you covered.

Choosing the best commercial snacks


You have to keep a lot in mind when choosing the snacks to reward your dog. There is not one brand or treat that is the best choice for all dogs.

First of all, dog obesity is a very common problem. Always check the calories and composition. It will allow you to know if you should give your dog one or more treats at a time. Remember that snacks are not made to feed your dog. You should award them moderately.

You should vary the type of treat according to the training and keep a balanced diet as well. If you’re teaching your pet a new or complicated skill you should give them the treat they love the most. One of the treats that most, if not all, dogs absolutely love is a pack of bully sticks. These are made of beef pizzle, processed and cooked without any additives or harmful coloring. If you are only consolidating a learned trick, you can opt for a low-priced snack. This is a great technique for efficient dog training.

You can find treats in any pet store or supermarket, and you must always go with organic and natural options. There are snacks made specifically for small dogs, large dogs, puppies, seniors, dogs with certain diseases or overweight dogs. The correct option depends entirely on each pet’s needs.

Treats from home


There are plenty of healthy and delicious treats you find at home that can be used to reward your furry friend.


Just cut it in stripes and bake. It’s very rich in taurine, essential for dogs.

Peanut butter

As long as it’s made only with peanuts, this is a reward your dog will love.

Carrots, apples and pears

These fruits have a lot of fiber and are great in flavor.

Chicken, turkey, beef and fish

These are highly prized by dogs. Always remember to cook them and not to add any seasoning.


Banana is great for puppies and small dogs because it’s very easy to chew. But you shouldn’t award it regularly due to its high sugar content.

As you can see, you can keep your dog healthy, happy and active with either processed or homemade treats.

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