Our website Pet Packs is committed to bring you the absolute best information on everything surrounding dog food, treats and homemade recipes. But we know that as a dog owner there is so much more you need to learn to be able to give your dog the happiest life possible.

So, we have compiled a list of six dog related websites every dog owner should bookmark.

The 7 Best Dog Websites

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Times when your furry friend appears to be sick can be stressful. It is always advisable that you take your dog to the vet in such cases, but there is a lot of info you can learn to be able to diagnose some issues and avoid certain problems.

If the complication is not very serious, this website can even arm you with the knowledge to take care of the situation.The amount of material on dogs’ illnesses and diseases is virtually endless on You can even setup an appointment with local vets.

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This is an online dog training magazine. It has incredible tips on dog obedience and listening. There is even a forum where dog owners can connect to share stories, experiences, questions and tips.

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This website lets you search for parks, hotels, restaurants and other establishments that allow you to bring your dog. It’s a great resource for you to plan play dates with your dog and to know whether or not you can bring them on your day out.

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This is the place you should go to learn everything you want to know about all the popular dog breeds, and even several of the lesser-known. You should really spend some time browsing this site before deciding on which breed to choose to adopt.

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Cesar Milan became famous as The Dog Whisperer. He has an unparalleled ability to communicate with dogs. His website is a powerful tool offering tips on everything a dog owner needs to know. You can even contact Cesar and get direct answers.

It’s actually so hard to name a puppy. It can take ages and sometimes the choice is not at all original. Fortunately, Baby Dog Names can make the process easy and fun. Go through popular, famous and unique dog names.

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It’s crucial to find a legitimate dog breeder. lets you enter your zip code and favorite dog breed to find a list of breeders near your residence. You can access the dog breeder’s address, website and phone number. Always contact several of them before deciding on one.

Get lost on these websites and on Pet Packs to become a 360° excellent dog owner.