The Top 10 Dry Dog Foods


Finding dry dog food that is top quality, healthy, affordable and tasty to your dog can be a difficult task. With such a wide range of options, all claiming to be the best, it can actually be overwhelming.

What makes a good dog food?

Processed dog foods contain all the nutrients dogs need to stay healthy, including proteins, fibers, minerals and vitamins. However, not all processed dog food is good. In order to respect your pet’s digestive system, the food must be as organic as possible.

Of course, there’s not a “one size fits all” solution. The dry food you choose must meet your dog’s dietary needs. Those needs vary according to life stage, weight, breed and level of activity.

When shopping for a package of dog food you must pay close attention to the product name, the manufacturer, the ingredients, the “complete and balanced” tag, the nutritional breakdown and the feeding suggestions.

Highly-rated by consumers, these 10 foods meet the criteria to be a good dog food: no cancer-causing chemicals, no non-specified meat, no risky coloring agents, healthy fat-to-protein ratio, no generic animal fat and adequate carbohydrates.

Annamaet Manitok Red Meat Formula

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5 main ingredients: lamb meal, deboned lamb, lentils, peas, herring meal.

Adequate levels of protein, fat and carbs, respectively, 33%, 18% and 41%.

Crave Chicken Protein

5 main ingredients: chicken, chicken meal, pea protein, split peas, chickpeas.

30% of protein content, fat level of 19% and carbohydrate share of 35%.

Dr. Tim’s Pursuit Formula

5 main ingredients: chicken meal, chicken fat, brown rice, whole oats, beet pulp

Protein level of 33%, 22% of fat content and 36% of carbs share.

Instinct Original with Real Duck

5 main ingredients: duck, turkey meal, chicken meal, chicken eggs, peas.

Absolute top quality. Protein content of 42%, fat level of 22% and carbohydrate level of 29%.

Merrick Grain-Free Real Duck + Sweet Potato

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5 main ingredients: deboned duck, turkey meal, sweet potato, peas, salmon meal

5 stars. Protein level of 43%, fat share of 19% and 30% of carbohydrates.

Nulo Freestyle Adult Salmon and Peas

5 main ingredients: deboned salmon, turkey meal, menhaden fish meal, sweet potato, peas

Great levels of protein, fat and carbs: 33%, 18% and 41%, correspondingly.

Orijen Original

5 main ingredients: deboned chicken, deboned turkey, flounder, mackerel, eggs

43% of protein share, 21% of fat content and carb level of 28%, a highly recommended ratio.

Victor Active Dog & Puppy

5 main ingredients: beef meal, chicken meal, chicken fat, sweet potato, peas

Protein content of 36%, fat level of 18% and carbohydrate share of 38%.

Wellness Core Large Breed

5 main ingredients: deboned chicken, chicken meal, turkey meal, peas, potatoes

The levels of protein, fat and carbs are 38%, 13%, 41%, respectively.

Wild Frontier Beef and Wild Boar

5 main ingredients: beef, pork meal, chicken meal, split peas, potatoes.

Protein share of 36%, shares of fat and carbohydrates of 18% and 39%.

Now you have 10 options that can serve you as a guideline to choose the dry food that is best for your dog.

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