We at Pet Packs absolutely love dogs. And we are certain you do to. All of the writers in our blog are dog owners. Whether we own a labrador, a chihuahua, a poodle, or a pitbull, we all know that what we feed our four-legged furry friend has a huge impact on their life, vitality and health.

So, in 2018 we decided to create a blog specifically targeted at the issues regarding dog food and treats. We’ve committed to give our readers the best tips to adapt their dog’s diet to their nutritional needs. And we also wanted to teach them how to make easy, quick and delicious treats at home. These recipes are a part of the blog that holds a special place in our hearts.

The blog has been online since February 2019. Now, Pet Packs also tours many cities in the country with workshops and talks. We want as many owners as possible to know they shouldn’t simply feed their friend anything.

We fight to educate people on the best ways to guarantee their dog’s diet is healthy, complete, balanced and, also very important to everyone, affordable.

Our website is divided in the categories Food and Treats for you to find what you want more easily. We will help you do what you want the most: feed your dog joy!